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Why and How Long Should You Warm the Engine Before Driving?

It is a good idea to turn on the engine and let it heat up ahead of time before you decide to drive. This is especially true during the winter so the engine has some time to get working and moving before you start to drive around.

How to Properly Warm the Engine

The best way to warm up the engine is to just turn it on. You can turn the key into the ignition or press the button that starts the vehicle if it is a newer version. After you get it started, it is a good idea to listen to the sounds that the engine will make and look to the RPM gauge of the vehicle as well. It is normal to hear a few periodic changes. But after they reach a smooth and consistent sound, then it is safe to drive the vehicle.

How Long Should I Warm Up the Car

For an older model of car, you need to allow the car to idle for at least ten minutes. This gives you time for the engine oil all around the different components so that they will be all set to go. For a newer vehicle, you will be fine with just waiting a few minutes for the engine to warm up. Longer is often better when it comes to this.

The Benefit of Warming Up the Engine

There are several important reasons to warm up your vehicle before you start to drive. This initial start to the engine will help to move oil all around the necessary components, acting as a lubricant to make sure the metal does not rub together and get ruined.

Letting the vehicle warm up for enough time will also create something known as thermal expansion, which helps to get the parts of the engine back to the correct size so they do not rub and they work properly.

It is important to take care of your engine and make sure that it works properly. If something shows up with the engine that looks wrong, you should visit a mechanic as soon as possible. When you are ready to schedule your appointment, content our auto repair shop right away!

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