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What is a Car Radiator?

Whenever you are operating your vehicle you are operating your engine and it is going under very hot conditions. It is important that your engine stays cool enough so it can properly function, but it must be hot enough so it can convert heat to energy which is something that can be tricky… this is where your car's radiator comes in. It is made to circulate coolant through the engine and back again.

The radiator is a vital component of your engine's cooling system. The radiator is made to keep the temperature of the engine at an ideal level that the car manufacturer sets. The radiator is generally mostly made of aluminum; it transfers the heat from hot coolant through tubes which allows air to blow across fins which will cool the fluid.

When looking at how the radiator works, the cooling system is a system that is pressurized and made of numerous components that work together to keep the engine cool. The coolant is used to cool the engine by circulating coolant through the engine, the engine's cylinder heads, and the engine to engross the heat.

Your car has a thermostat that is between the engine and the radiator that regulates the flow of coolant. It also works to maintain the temperature of the engine. Whenever the coolant falls below the set temperature the thermostat will limit the flow of the coolant. When the engine gets hotter, it incrementally opens so the fluid will flow through the radiator hoses.

The radiator hoses are connected to the radiator and engine to direct the flow of the coolant. This is how it is cooled and brought back to the engine maintaining the temperature and preventing overheating. The coolant is prevented from boiling by a portion of the system which allows the boiling point to be raised considerably.

When the boiling point is raised it can cause more pressure which has the possibility to damage hoses and other parts of the cooling system. When this is happening, that pressure must be released which is where the radiator cap comes in. The radiator cap releases the pressure whenever it reaches the pressure point that the system is designed to handle.

The radiator is very essential for your car. If you need your radiator repaired, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today!

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