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What Happens When I Don't Change My Engine Oil?

Replacing your vehicle's engine oil may seem like a chore but it shouldn't be ignored. Engine oil allows the engine to run smoothly and leaving it too long can result in reduced performance or even serious damage to your vehicle. In the worst cases, this damage can even result in the need to completely replace the engine or have your vehicle scrapped.

What Is Engine Oil?

Engine oil performs two key functions: lubrication and heat management. Engines contain many moving parts and friction can easily cause these to function less efficiently and suffer damage from debris. Oil lubricates the moving parts of your engine and helps to remove dust and debris from inside the engine so that it can't cause damage.

It also serves as a way to manage heat, however, and this is equally important to your vehicle's operation. Overheating can reduce your engine's lifespan or result in damage that requires extensive repair.

Why Change Engine Oil?

So, what happens if you don't change your engine oil? Overheating is the first sign of trouble and something that shouldn't be ignored. If the amount of engine oil is low, or it's full of debris and other gunk it can't remove heat from sensitive parts of the engine. This allows that heat to continue building to the point that it causes harm to your engine.

One of the most immediately impactful effects of this is a blown head gasket, which is a very costly repair. Parts of your engine can also warp due to the heat and lack of lubrication and this can lead to seizing. In most cases, a seized engine can't be repaired or it isn't economical to do so. This means you will likely need to replace your entire engine or get a new vehicle if you ignore your engine oil until things get this bad.

The effects of not changing your engine oil can also be felt sooner before it begins to damage the engine itself. Engine oil that is becoming contaminated with too much debris starts to hinder the efficient operation of your engine. This can reduce fuel efficiency and your vehicle's performance.

Don't skip your vehicle's regular oil change! If you need an oil change, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today.

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