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What are the Symptoms of Failing Wheel Bearings?


Wheel bearings are essential for the hub, tire, and wheel assemblies to work together and allow for friction-free rotation and movement of the hub assembly, which is a crucial component of your car's steering system. It connects the wheel to the axle. A wheel bearing is a set of balls known as ball bearings held together by a metal ring. It ensures and provides smooth tire and wheel rotation. Each wheel has its own set of wheel bearings. Because of the importance of this component in the smooth driving of your vehicle, it is considered very hazardous to drive with worn wheel bearings, as it may cause the wheel to stop while driving.


Essentially, wheel bearings should last between 85,000 and 100,000 miles, but it should be mentioned that this is only an estimate, as the quality of the wheel bearing and the operating conditions should also be taken into account. Apart from that, another important point to state is that unless both bearings on either side of the car are worn, there is no need to replace them at the same time. Only replace the worn bearing.


There are, however, some telltale signs that your wheel bearings are failing:

  • A vibration on the steering wheel that changes when the vehicle turns or picks up speed.

  • Excessive play (looseness) on the steering wheel. The car feels loose while you drive it.

  • Any of the following noises: loud whining or grinding noises while the vehicle is in motion, clunking noises, rumbling or growling noises that intensify with the acceleration of the vehicle. This is your most notable sign that bearings are worn.

  • If the car veers in any particular direction, this could be a sign that the wheel bearings are failing.

  • Uneven wear on tires could be another indicator and so it is important to rotate tires often as this could hint towards failing wheel bearings.

If you need to repair one or more of your wheel bearings give our auto repair shop a call today!

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