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Monthly Archives: November 2020

Wheel Alignment vs Wheel Balance

Wheel Alignment vs Wheel Balance

For most drivers, a wheel alignment and wheel balance may seem interchangeable, but they are very different types of maintenance services. A wheel alignment ensures the tires' angles are correct, so they adequately contact the road. In comparison, a wheel balance adjusts any weight imbalance within the tire and wheel assembly. Both services contribute to a smoother ride and can be completed during the same service. However, both services offer entirely different benefits for your vehicle. Below is a simple guide to determine which maintenance task is best for your car.  What is a tire alignment? In contrast to the wheel balance, the tire alignment is not an adjustment of the tires or wheel. A tire alignment service adjusts your vehicle's suspension. It improves drivability and handling, ensuring your car drives straight and doesn't venture off the road.  Signs your vehicle needs an alignment:  Your car is pulling to one side of the road.  The tires ... read more

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