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Monthly Archives: May 2020

What Does the Strut Do?

What Does the Strut Do?

Many vehicle drivers are familiar with the term shocks and struts in regards to the suspension system. However, do you know exactly what the strut is, and what its purpose is within the suspension system? Let's take a look at the definition of the strut and its importance when it comes to our driving experience.  The strut is a component of your vehicle's suspension system, which is the system that includes your vehicle's wheels, chassis, and connecting parts. The job of the suspenison system overall is to support your vehicle as well as keep your ride smooth by absorbing impact from the road.  The strut is a component that is comprised of two working parts: the shock absorbers and a spring. The spring is a coil spring that helps to support the weight of your car and absorbs movement. The shock absorbers have the job of essentially absorbing shocks from the road and dampening vibrations. The stut is basically the part that ensures that you have a ... read more

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