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5 Signs it’s Time to Change the Fuel Filter

If you value excellent engine performance, it's time to consider the fuel filter. We all know fuel powers the engine. As you drive over time, the fuel becomes contaminated with dirt, debris, and other pollutants that can negatively impact the engine's performance. The fuel filter works to filter these impurities out of the fuel before they reach the engine. With time the fuel filter will become dirty and clogged. A clogged fuel filter will limit fuel flow.

In some cases, it can cause polluted particulate matter to enter the engine. Without a clean engine filter, your vehicle won't run properly. Below are five signs that indicate it's time to change the fuel filter. 

The engine struggles to turn over. 

A clogged fuel filter will restrict the amount of fuel that reaches the engine. This will cause the engine to struggle to start. Before you automatically assume your vehicle is struggling to start due to the fuel filter, check the battery to verify it's not the problem's nasty culprit. 

The engine has started to misfire.

Dirty filters will limit the amount of fuel that reaches the fuel injectors. New vehicles should have new fuel filters. If your car is new and has suddenly started to misfire, the fuel filters may not be the cause, and you should have your vehicle inspected right away. 

The fuel pump is making a whining sound.

Fuel attempting to squeeze through a filter saturated with debris is hard on the fuel pump. The fuel pump may whine if it's overworked. 

There's a noticeable reduction in gas mileage.

The fuel injector serves a massive part in how efficient your vehicle consumes fuel. If the fuel filter becomes too dirty, it can also make the fuel injectors dirty. If the fuel injectors accumulate buildup, they'll fail to inject the proper amount of gasoline into the engine. Over time you may notice a decrease in gas mileage.

The check engine light comes on.

There isn't a specific check engine light that adequately means the filter has gone bad. However, if you notice several of the above signs and the "check engine" light comes, it's time to seek an automotive expert

The next time you stop for gas, consider your fuel filter. If your vehicle isn't displaying any of the above signs, but you don't remember the last time it's been changed, read your vehicle's owner's manual for manufacturers' recommendations.

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